November 1963

Principal Clyde Watson directs students "South of the border"
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   Mr. Clyde Watson, assistant principal, has recently been appointed principal of Maine South.
   Although technically his job doesn't begin until January 27, he is already working on the problems created by moving 2000 students to a new school.
   One of the biggest problems will be the new homerooms. Since there will be only eight homerooms, each will have approximately 300 students, 75 from each class. One counselor and ten teachers will be assigned to each room.
   Mr. Watson is very enthusiastic about the new homeroom systems. Since a student will remain in one homeroom for four years, he will have only one counselor in high school. Hopefully, this will improve the relationship between counselors and the student body.
   Organizing the new team teaching system is another of Mr. Watson's problems. Under this plan there will be from 30 to 200 students in one class with two ore more teachers, each specializing in a certain area of study covered during the year.
   During the class period, one of the teachers will lecture to the students in his particular area of specialization. Afterwards the students will break up into small study groups. This will be only used on certain study areas.
   Despite the changes in homerooms and in teaching methods, the curriculum will not be altered. However, there must be enough students interested in a course to make up a class. The school day will last from 8:15 until 3:10 and will have eight periods.
   At present the administration is choosing teachers to go to Maine South. Of the 140 teachers at South, 80 will come from the Maine East staff. Teachers are given a choice as to where they prefer to teach and in most cases will be granted their preference. Selections must be approved by the Board of Education and will be announced later.