May 1964

Dr. Watson emphasizes Individual Excellence
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   The major goal of education is to encourage every individual to work to his fullest capacity. At Maine South we have incorporated this philosophy into our important programs. Hence, you might say our student motto has become 'striving for excellence,'" explained Dr. Watson, principal of Maine South in an interview concerning his ideas for the school.
  "We have put into practice some of the most advanced teaching methods--teaching by television, for example. Although all classes are not prepared for use right now, teaching by television will be ready this year. Receivers and cables have been installed in every classroom of the school.
...School Wired for TV
  "In addition to broadcasts from MPATI, the Illinois area corporation for educational TV, we plan to have our own closed circuit for the three high schools. Hence we will enrich classroom instruction by broadcasting lectures from teachers who are specialized in certain fields."
  These programs were made possible, Dr. Watson pointed out, by the work of 28 voluntary committees composed of 198 individuals. These committees put in more than 5,000 working hours.
... Students Suggested Plans
  He noted that a number of students were on the recommendation committees. Students suggested plans for Student Council setups; athletes recommended procedures for spectator seating at games.
  Another plan recommended by the committees was the new counseling system at South. This system makes it possible for students to have one counselor for all four years. With this type of setup, counselors and students become better acquainted, thus making the counselor more qualified to advise the student.
  "Enthusiasm for the school has been amazing! With such enthusiasm," Dr. Watson concluded, "Maine South will surely accomplish much this year."